Amenities and Local Government Contracting

NPB has been working for local councils for a number of years and have built a large and varied portfolio of possible tasks. From emergency work during and after the 2007 floods to building and maintaining sports pitches and park areas. Another large part of our work load is the rural verge cutting contracts that we have held for a number of years with three different councils. We now cover an estimated 600 square mile area in South, West and North Yorkshire. We are also a CHAS registered company.

We offer a large and diverse range of services including:


Our company believes in intensive training for our staff and some have a wide range of relevant formal qualifications

As mentioned we are also a CHAS registered company as we know this is a much needed credit when working with local government

We have a very good public liability insurance and understand the risks and importance of safety when working with and around the public

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